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East Nashville Remodel

This site is all about showcasing Remodeling Projects in one of the Greatest Neighborhoods in the Country, East Nashville! We are in the process of making some changes, so feel free to email your thoughts regarding your home or any other idea you would like to see discussed on here to

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's Spring Time....that means new growth, green grass, sunshine and LOTS of OPPORTUNITY! Let's shed
the winter coats, grab the shorts and go make some Hay! Along those lines of opportunity, we are making some changes to this site. We will be moving in a direction that will showcase East Nashville Homes & Projects.

I won't bore you with all the details, but I do invite your suggestions on what you would like to see from the East Nashville Community. Would you like to see home projects in process, real estate that may be going on the market for sale, Before & After photos, interviews with people involved with the community, etc? Feel free to drop your comments in the comment section or email us at


Monday, June 14, 2010

Nearing the finish line.

It has been some time since our last post but much has happened since then and we and the owners are very excited about the results! The interior painting is all but complete and the kitchen cabinets and appliances were installed very recently.

After some debate it was decided that the fireplace hearths in the dining room and the upstairs bedroom needed replacing. The owners made a wonderful choice with the classic white Italian Carrara marble. These were cut on site to be 3" by 7" and laid on brick pattern. You can see similar detail in the beautiful master shower.

Speaking of the master shower, the entire master bath turned out great! It is classic look very fitting with age of the home that incorporates a white subway tile shower with bench seat. The floor is 2"by2" white ceramic tile with black diamond accents which supports the 48" black single vanity. The vanity top is made of 3cm white Carrara Marble with black veining crowned by an elegant chrome Kohler faucet with 8" spread. The whole bath is tied together with a subtlety in the marble: the counter top is white carrara with black veins and the bench and shelves in the shower are black carrara with white veins, a sharp decorators aye on behalf of the Mrs.!

All in all the home is almost ready for move in. More pictures will be posted soon so check back in for more about the finish of this beautiful pre 1900's Victorian home in historic East Nashville.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Interesting Find...

Well, the beauty of historical homes is just that...History! We were recently removing a section of drywall in a downstairs room and as we carefully demo'd sections of the wall, we discovered a painting. It was a house painted directly onto the wall. Such a giant canvas to paint a country setting and a large, older home. As we've mentioned before, this home had been in the Alvin C. York family at some point (we believe his son or grandson owned it).
After a little research, we come to find that the house in the painting is the actual home of Alvin himself. There is no signature or suggestion of whom may have painted the house, but just another little treasure from the past. Here's the painting and a separate photograph of the home.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There Goes the Kitchen

Here's a quick video of the downstairs showing the progress of the house. Kitchen is starting to be demolished...FUN!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Open Up the Space

Here we have a view of the new breakfast area that is located just of the kitchen; it sits where the old back porch used to be many years ago. We have framed in a new ceiling and floor system and now it's time to make some adjustments to this wall. The opening on the left at one time was the exterior back door of the home as was the door to the left. The owners have decided to widen these openings to 4' and make them matching cased openings. This a wonderful design idea that will enhance the aesthetic symmetry of the room as well as provide a better sense of openness. It's a simple process really: temporarily support the floor systems above and install new headers to carry the weight that bears down on the wall space that we will be removing.
It's looking better all the time!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's all about Curb Appeal

As discussed previously in posts on this blog there are some areas of the exterior that need some attention. Our crews have already addresed the most severe spots on the home; these were areas that presented water leakage and that had to be fixed. With that out of the way and a our budget for exterior repairs still looking good the owners have decided to concentrate efforts on the front, specifically to the right of the front door where you see a two story bumopout that houses some of the old, beautiful orignal windows. Much of the siding there was cracked and beginning to show signs of falling. As you can see we have erected a scaffold systme to work off of; this helps the process move along more quickly as well as provides a safer work platform for the crew. The new siding pieces that we are installing match the size and profile of the old lap siding but are pre-primed on both sides and are made from a wood species called Paulownia. It's a product that we recommend highly for its many great qualities. Learn about them here: In a few days time this section will be restored and ready for paint.
Other similar repairs will be made to the front of the home to enhance the curb appeal; after all you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have any old photos of this home?

We have been taking pictures of the home in its current state and posting to the blog, but do you have, or know of anyone who does have, old pictures of this home from the 50's, 20's, or earlier? If so we would invite you to share those with us and those who visit here. Or maybe you have an story of this home that is exciting and worth noting. Please e-mail any such info to Thank you!